Choose Your Leavers Hoodie


School leavers hoodies 2020
Leavers Hoodies for 2020 custom designs available

We offer two solutions:


Bulk Ordering:
First provide us with the relevant pupil’s names which will we convert into a design. Select your garment and we will then provide you with an artwork and/or order form. You correlate the orders from your pupils and provide us with a bulk order. This method will be slightly more cost effective for you as we are able to negotiate a price with our manufacturers.

Online Retail:
Again supply the relevant information and select your garment(s). Once we have created the artwork, we will then produce a product that can be ordered online by your parents. This can either be part of an existing school shop we provide OR on a stand-alone leaver’s hoodie platform. When the cut off date has been reached, we will produce the hoodies and supply either to the school (individually packaged) or direct to the parents. No fuss for the school – and a lot of happy pupils!